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Do you know what makes me happy? I am happy when my effort and my hard work would yield good results. Right now, I am happy because I got good results from all my efforts and hard work working out at the gym.

My journey to changing began last 2014. You see, I was never active. I was the kind of guy who prefers to be lazy and do nothing all day. However, I realized to change this usual habit of mine after seeing my bulging stomach and how my family ridiculed me with how I have looked. Hurt and wanting to prove something to them, I decided to change and make them see what I am capable of doing.

So, I went to the gym. It was very tough for me. Shaping up was a huge challenge for someone who hasn’t been active. It was also frustrating because the results were very slow even though I have invested a lot of effort in changing the way I look. Good thing, I had gym buddies who helped me a lot. They developed an effective workout plan for me and guided me through the process. Most of all, I am very thankful because they have introduced muscle growth supplements to me.

Honestly, I blame the supplements for the good results I had with my workout at the gym. At start, the supplements helped boost my performance. My power, stamina and endurance increased, which made me last longer and lift more during my workout. Because of this, I was able to improve my physique in a shorter amount of time. And since, my physique has improved, my confidence has greatly improved. It felt like I am a new person.

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